Sunday, February 7, 2010

Doggone it!

If you are a dog lover and owner like me, I'm sure you love to buy new things for your furry friend. My weimaraner, Lincoln, has several collar and leash sets, her own wardrobe (complete with holiday costumes), and a plethora of toys. She also just got a second dog bed because I simply couldn't pass up how cute it was. However, dog beds are quite expensive, especially for those larger breed dogs. I just recently learned about Molly Mutt, which sells duvets and stuff sacks for your dog bed - definitely a less costly option. You can use the duvet to go over your current dog's bed, or purchase the "stuff sack" and create your own bedding with towels, pillows, etc. I love the idea of having different duvets for Lincoln's bed. Now she can have one for every season!

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